About Jokkmokk

About Jokkmokk

There is something exciting or relaxing for everyone in Jokkmokk, every day of the year, every hour of the day. If you yearn for a taste of Jokkmokk, we can create a package to meet your every need. Read more about what the seasons can offer:

The autumn air is crisp and clear and the silence can be deafening. The magnificent and peaceful environment can be a little overwhelming at first but after a couple of days you will relax and sleep like never before. The forest is glistening red, yellow and orange as the first snow falls on the mountain tops.

The spring is a wonderful time. There is more and more daylight as each day passes. You can enjoy ice fishing, a lunch prepared outdoors on an open fire while getting a sun tan in the warm spring sun, or experience the excitement of driving a snow mobile up to the mountains for an intimate look at this wild and beautiful part of Sweden.

The summer enjoys 100 days without darkness as the world renowned midnight sun shines from the middle of May to the middle of August. You can go fishing or walking at any time of the day or night, whichever suits you the best. Whatever you want to do in the day you can do just as easily at night and the never ending summer sun gives you both a fascinating experience and masses of energy!

The winter is a real winter with lots of snow, thick ice and a cold chill in the air. The sun tries to climb over the horizon but only puts in a brief appearance. The incredible Northern Light illuminates the sky and bounces off the white snow, painting the landscape with fantastic colours. We have truly wonderful winters here.